We provide general, off-the-shelf support programmes as well as personalised, 1-to-1 solutions that fit your specific needs. We support both private equity investment rounds and public equity crowdfunding rounds.

ISQ Equity Crowdfunding Options:

  • ISQ Crowdfunding Full Support - We support clients in planning, preparing, launching and running highly successful equity crowdfunding rounds. Our clients typically close their rounds with one of our partners, Seedrs or Crowdcube (bespoke pricing) - learn more.
  • ISQ Crowdfunding Preparation - This programme helps clients prepare for a successful funding round so that they can approach their crowdfunding platform of choice with a lead investment secured and a solid set of investor materials (price on enquiry) - learn more
  • ISQ Launching Soon and Live Campaign Support - We offer various options for those preparing campaigns that are launching soon or those who have a campaign already live and want support to ensure it reaches its full potential - learn more
  • View our busy and successful crowdfunding arm and see case studies and client testimonials here.

ISQ Private Equity Investment Options:

  • ISQ Investment - our full private equity investment support (bespoke pricing) - book a call

Off the shelf options to suit either method of fundraising:

  • Invest IQ - a short, self-directed programme for first-time founders or those new to the world of investment (£24.99+VAT) - learn more.
  • Linked IQ - a brief, favoured workshop providing a strategy to find and raise investment using LinkedIn (£149+VAT) - learn more.
  • Documents for fundraising - a self directed programme with plugged in 1-1 support, to help you to prepare your investor documents (£475+VAT) - learn more.
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