We assess your situation, listen to your needs, and guide you step-by-step towards your funding goal.

We focus on honesty

At ISQ, we never sugarcoat things. We'll let you know if we think more or less can be done for you to achieve success. We're friendly, approachable, warm, straight down the line, and candid. Our clients seem to appreciate our style.

We are qualified and experienced

Each of our advisors has years of experience supporting investment rounds, and each has individually supported tens of millions of pounds and euros of equity investment.

We are trustworthy

We frequently see clients coming back to us for subsequent rounds of funding as they trust our support and judgement. Our processes are tried and tested, and our client success rate is exceptional (over 95%). Working with us is an investment in a process you can trust. We are open and transparent in our fees. We always explain to you what you have to pay before you purchase any of our services.

We are your partners for success

We have an open-door, round-the-clock support system in place for our clients. We have team members in the UK and New Zealand, meaning we operate almost 24 hours daily. When raising investment, this is handy because it means if you have a burning question at 7 am or 10 pm, someone is online to help. If you have a question, we try hard to give you honest advice as soon as we can.

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